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Robby Jumps Aboard!


Let me start by saying how super excited I am to be working with the team on the game, It's been really great so far! Even though I don't know the technical side of things very well, it's been nice contributing to brainstorms and learning from everyone.

Sound design on this project is a blast. A strong element of the game is its western style, so I've been working on making the score have some clear influences from the Wild West. I'm still researching styles, consuming whatever cowboy themed games, movies, and scores I can get my hands on, which has been a huge help. But my research doesn't end there, after all we're not going for a clear cut cowboy game. The gameplay lends itself to over the top and fast-paced, intense moments, something that we hope translates through the music and sound too. There is just enough weird and crazy to this game to get really get creative with the sound. Expect to hear music from other genres, and incorporated sounds that don't just build the style of the setting but also the flow and energy that moving through the game give you. We continue to experiment with different ideas to find just the right mix, so look forward to a great looking, handling, and hyper-western sounding game!
                             -Robby Chan-Jobe, Sound Designer