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  Starting today the Project HYPETRAIN alpha is available to the open public and you can get it for yourself right now by visiting our downloads page! It's been a hectic couple of weeks for us both inside and outside of studio work time but we dedicated a lot of time to analyzing the feedback for the closed alpha. As a result, the build we are releasing today has fixed a lot of the problems that the earlier version faced. The game, however, is still far from complete, which is why we are choosing to open the alpha instead of jumping straight to a beta release.

  The main purpose of allowing everyone to experience the game so early in it's development cycle is so we can continue to shape it around the feedback we get from players. Please help us out by visiting our feedback page here and giving your honest opinion. Our vision is for exhillerating, fast-paced gameplay and if you think we aren't headed in the right direction, we want to know!

  Thank you once more for all the support!