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Early Alpha!


  Yes, it is true, as of today we are entering the early Alpha stages of Project HYPETRAIN! Before we get to that, and since this is our first blog post, let us fill you in with some of our studio's background.

  Four members of Ursa Major: Hayden Platt, Brandon Jarvinen, Sam Fields and myself (Dave McIntyre) have been friends since middle school or earlier, our main shared interest being video games. We have each designed and developed our own games before, but Ursa Major marks the start of a long overdue collaboration effort between us. Also joining us is Ford Filer, who attends USC and has developed games with Hayden in the past. We have also recruited two artists from UC Santa Cruz, where the studio is based, Loren Colcol and Stella Lee. Collectively we have a ton of individual talent, but must now pool our skills and resources in a new way to produce an exhilarating game.

  With that out of the way, let's talk a bit about the game. Project HYPETRAIN (temporary name) is a 2D platformer developed in Unity following a resourceful bandit as he attempts the biggest train heist of all time. Our focus is on making the gameplay fast-paced and action-packed, so expect no pauses to climb ladders or drink potions. We feel breaks in the gameplay like this kill the hectic feeling that should be associated with any game about stealing things on a train.

  The version we are sending out to private testers today is still a very early version of the game, and as such may not convey the intensity we intend. We ask that all testers be patient and understanding, as we are a small studio and each have jobs or other commitments to attend to throughout the day. Having said that, we are looking for criticism in every aspect of what we are releasing. We believe in creating a game that is fun to play, and after writing and testing the same code for 5 hours it can be hard to tell if we've accomplished that without outside opinions.

                                  - Dave McIntyre