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Grinding a New Pipeline


 This past week marked the end of an era for Ursa Major Games - the summertime work environment has come and gone, as team members head into their third year of college. So what does this mean for Project HYPETRAIN?

 Honestly, it means something different for each of us, but ultimately I think it’ll have a positive effect on the game. While school accompanied by jobs will take up a lot of our possible work time, we have been working hard to establish a new, streamlined production pipeline for the school year.

 This new pipeline relies on the structured schedule that school provides, unlike summer. Members of the team are now able to easily find weekly *slots* where they can guarantee their time. This means departments are able to more reliably schedule team meetings and work sessions (because let’s face it, it’s hard to keep track of the what day it is during summer). On top of it all, our Alpha release has given a great foundation to work from. As a result, the game is making drastic improvements both aesthetically and mechanically. Members are all familiar with their strengths at this point, and able to hone in on their specialty and make sure the project is hitting weekly goals.

 While this new pipeline is still in the process of being implemented, I am confident that the added structure to our schedules will outweigh the time lost to school and work. We’ve had all summer to make mistakes and learn from them, and now’s our chance to sculpt Project HYPETRAIN into the masterpiece we envisioned from the start.

                             -Hayden Platt